Tuesday, April 26, 2011

$3 traffic fee for spinal cord injury research passes key Assembly committee

A plan to funnel a $3 surcharge from every moving traffic violation — an estimated $11 million a year — to a spinal cord injury research fund cleared a key California Assembly hurdle Tuesday and could be approved by lawmakers by the end of summer.
Assembly Bill 190 — renewing the so-called Roman Reed law, named after a former Chabot College football player paralyzed during a tackle — was approved 4-3 by the Assembly’s public safety committee. It will go to the appropriations committee next month, then to the full Assembly and the Senate.


  1. Hi Ron,
    Thanks for the item.
    This is great news. Any vibes on how the appropriations committee and Senate might vote?

  2. Roman Reed seemed really upbeat: This was a 4-3 vote and Appropriations should be OK, since there is no direct state funding. Perhaps the opponents' 'blizzard' of fees argument could sway legislators on the Assembly and Senate floors; of course, don't commit the traffic crime, don't fund the spine.